Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Get the AD and User accounts list based on last Logon Date through PowerShell

To Get the Services Accounts

Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*SvcAccount"' | FT Name,SamAccountName

To get the user account krbtgt Properties.

Get-ADUser krbtgt -Properties Name | FT Name, createTimeStamp, LastLogonDate, whenCreated, DistinguishedName

To Search the complete Organization Unit Finance for user details.

Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase "OU=Finance,OU=UserAccounts,DC=FABRIKAM,DC=COM"

To get the user account Madhu Properties with formating Table option.

Get-ADUser Madhu -Properties Name | FT Name, LastLogonDate, DistinguishedName, Enabled -AutoSize | Out-String -Width 400

To get the list of User account who are reporting since last 90 Days through last logon date and importing the results a file ADUSR.txt

$d = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-90); Get-ADUser -Filter 'LastLogonDate -ge $d' -Properties LastLogonDate | FT Name,createTimeStamp, LastLogonDate, whenCreated, DistinguishedName | Format-Table -AutoSize | Out-String -Width 400 > C:\reports\ADUSR.txt

Below list is PowerShell commands.

Here is the command to get AD computer accounts which are reporting to AD less than 90 days based on last logon date.

$d = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-2000); Get-ADComputer -Filter 'LastLogonDate -ge $d' -Properties LastLogonDate | FT Name, Enabled, LastLogonDate

Here is the commands list the get AD computer accounts which are set their password less than 90 days

$d = [DateTime]::Today.AddDays(-90); Get-ADComputer -Filter 'PasswordLastSet -ge $d' -Properties PasswordLastSet | FT Name,PasswordLastSet

Execute the below command to retrieve the Last Logon time stamp for computer account by executing the below command

Get-ADComputer -Filter 'Enabled -eq "False"' -Properties LastLogonDate |FT Name,LastLogonDate